Gamblers And How They Affect Their Children

Gamblers Effecting their Children

This emotional illness shows its signs by immaturity, low self esteem, obsessive behavior and instability and is better known as a compulsive gambler. Some adults do not know if during their childhood if they were effected by compulsive gamble because it is a baffling illness.

You can find online a list of twenty questions that may help you decide if you are one of those children who were effected by a gambler that you grew up around. Here are just three of those questions: Have you ever missed money? Are you afraid to be left alone with the parent that gambles? and Do you confuse pity with love?
After reading all the questions online, you know you answer yes to some or all of them, then Gam-Anon might be the path for you. It is a fellowship of relatives, close friends and families who have all lived or living with currently, someone with a gambling problem. This group understands how you feel like nobody else can and as a member of this group can help you begin a new way of living.


Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services is in New York and is the nation’s largest treatment service for addiction. This bureau is based on standards, practices and regulations and just a few of its many goals is to improve treatment outcomes and create strategies to lower the medical outcomes of any addictive disease.

They also promote public awareness of pathological gambling and the problems it creates along with making access easier and treatment that is always improving. They attempt to educate the public and teach the providers of treatment the threat to the health of the public.

OASAS licensed providers are given guidance on all clinical practices so long term dependency treatment is improved. A recovery support system is in place for those who need it and the evidence that the practice is based on has its own model. This is the nation’s most diverse addiction treatment service.